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*All courses require students to have a book. You may borrow one of ours, purchase a copy for yourself, or bring one from a previous class (Edition 2020 or later). New books are available in paperback and digital copies.

General CPR Information

Getting CPR certified is an essential step in being prepared for emergencies, and it can save lives. At Purple Heart Health Care, we understand the importance of obtaining certifications in CPR and first aid training. Our comprehensive training courses are designed to teach you the necessary skills and knowledge to act confidently and quickly during an emergency.

There are many reasons why CPR certification is important. Firstly, it provides you with the confidence and skills to act quickly and correctly during an emergency situation. Whether it's a heart attack or drowning, being able to respond immediately can mean the difference between life and death. With CPR and first aid training, you'll learn how to assess the situation, provide first aid, and administer CPR to keep the person alive until medical professionals arrive.

Secondly, CPR certification is often a requirement for many professions. Many healthcare providers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers are required to have CPR certification. Even some non-medical jobs, such as daycare providers and lifeguards, require certification. By obtaining these certifications, you'll be more qualified and marketable in the job market, giving you an edge over other applicants.

Lastly, obtaining CPR certifications can provide a sense of personal accomplishment and fulfillment. Knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to potentially save a life can be incredibly empowering. It also shows that you are a responsible and proactive member of your community who is committed to helping others in need.

At Purple Heart Health Care, we offer a wide range of certifications in CPR and first aid training, including CPR and AED, basic first aid, and advanced life support. Our courses are taught by experienced and certified instructors who are dedicated to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment. We offer flexible scheduling and competitive pricing, making it easy and affordable for you to obtain these important certifications.

In conclusion, obtaining certifications in CPR and first aid training is essential for everyone. It can save lives, provide career opportunities, and provide a sense of personal fulfillment. Contact Purple Heart Health Care today to learn more about our courses and to get started on your path to becoming certified.